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Kent Union Technical Services is an award winning volunteering group run by students at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

We cater for all types of events including:

We offer sound, lighting and stage hire. We are also a consultancy service to societies, bars, individuals and other groups/organisations on and off campus here at UKC.

Our prices are very reasonable and are unlikely to be beaten by external companies as Kent Tech is run by student volunteers. From a simple mic and music playback system, to a loud high powered lighting and sound rig suitable for DJ nights, all the way though to a festival stage, Kent Tech can provide a solution.


Get Involved

Do you want to get involved with us and meet new people? You don't need any experience or knowledge of our equipment. We can teach you everything you need to know!

Get involved!
Send a message to our email address and tell us what you want to get involved in! We don't bite!

We can provide certificated safety training for active members of Kent Tech. Such as:

Log your Hours
Any hours of volunteering done under Kent Tech can count toward your Kent Student Certificate for Volunteering. It looks great on your CV! Click here to be redirected to the Kent Union KSCV page where you can get more information on the award scheme. Or click here to be directed to Kent Union's main volunteering page!

Hire Stock

Mixing Desks

Soundcraft SI Compact 32

32 Channel Digital Mixing Desk

Allen & Heath GL2400

24 Channel Analogue Mixing Desk

Soundcraft EPM8

8 Channel Compact Mixer

Small Mixer

Portable Mixer

PA Systems

FBT Mitus 218SA and 152A full system

High Power PA System.

FBT Ventis 112 MA Monitors

Monitor Speakers or can be use as an independent PA.

HK Audio Actor DX

3200W End-to-End Active PA System

RCF Art-310A

Compact active two way speaker


Shure SM58

Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM57

Dynamic Microphone

Drum Mic six piece set

Various Microphones

Sennheiser EW345 Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones and receiver

Outboard Effects

31 Band Parametric EQ

Outboard EQ


Outboard Compression and Gates

FX Processor

Outboard FX Processor


Direct Injection Boxes

Soundcraft Digital Stage Box

24 Channel 50m Multicore

4 Channel 10m Snake

XLR Cable

Lighting Desks

Avolites Pearl Tiger

Lighting Control Desk

6 Channel DMX Desk

Lighting Control Desk

Intelligent Lighting

Martin Mac 250

Moving Head Fixture

Martin SCX600 Scanners

DMX Controlled Fixture

Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

DMX Controlled Fixture

Robe ColorSpot 575E AT

Moving Head Fixture

eLumen8 Beam 2r

Moving Head Fixture

Stairville Show Bar Tri-LED

LED Batten Fixture

Generic Lighting

Fresnel ADB 500w

Industry standard fixture

Source 4 Junior Zoom

Industry standard fixture

Par 56 350W Floor Can

Industry standard fixture

Par 64 500W Long Nose Chrome

Industry standard fixture

Molefay 4 Bulb Blinders

Industry standard fixture


Zero 88 Betapack 3 (DMX)

6 Channel DMX Controlled Dimmer


Hurricane Hazer

Water based haze machine

Socapex and DMX

6 Channel Soca (various lengths)

6 Channel Soca Fan Ins and Outs (15a Plugs and Sockets)

15a TRS Extensions (various lengths)

DMX 5 pin to 3 pin Converters

DMX 3pin (various lengths)



8x4 foot pieces

12, 18, 24 and 36 Inch Legs

Legs for Litedeck


Wind-up Stands

Powerdrive: Ref 40 Stands

Goliath Studio 61 Stands

Truss Adaptors

2m and 3m Tri Truss

1m and 2m Quad Truss

4, 8 and 12ft Scaff Bars

Truss Baseplates

Truss Tops


Rubber Box Co 63/3 to 32a and 16a

Rubber Box Co 32a to 16a Shoes

16a Splits

16a to 13a 4gangs

13a 4gangs


63/3 (various lengths)

63A Three Phase Cable

32a (various lengths)

32A Cable

16a (various lengths)

16A Cable

Contact Us

Getting in contact with Kent Tech has never been easier. Below you will find all the ways you can get in contact with us.


Reception: 01227 82 4200
Workshop: 3162 (internal only)

Visit Us

Come to the reception desk in the Mandela Building, Canterbury Campus

Hire & General Enquiries

Please complete the form below to contact us regarding a hire or anything else.